Evaluation Services

This therapist is certified in the administration and interpretation of the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT). A detailed report is written which discusses the results and recommendations.

As a clinical tool the SIPT may serve as a diagnostic tool to discover patterns of sensory integration dysfunction. This test is an excellent measure of underlying sensory processing and praxis (motor planning) deficits that may be contributing to difficulties with the following areas:

• Reading
• Writing
• Math
• Eye-hand coordination
• Gross motor skills
• Fine motor skills
• Oral motor skills
• Sequencing
• Visual-Perceptual/Visual motor
• Tactile Discrimination
• Tactile Perception

Children who have learning and/or behavioral difficulties who are able to follow verbal directions are the most appropriate candidates for the SPIT.

Therapy Services

Therapy sessions help the individual organize the sensory systems to encourage appropriate responses to the environment.

Therapy programs are developed around each individual. Activities to increase or decrease responsiveness to sensory input are provided in a specialized environment.